National Pub Poker League Prize Schedule

1. Nightly Prizes

Prizes will differ depending on the venue. THe Host will be able to give you more information regarding the prizes at their venue.

Each region will have a Regional final for you to qualify for. The number of players who qualify differs from region to region, so please check with your host to see what position you need to come to qualify for your regions next Regional final.

2. Regional Finals

Please see the Regionals Finals page for information on when the next final in your area will be held.

3. National Finals

Every year National Pub Poker league players throughout New Zealand compete for the right to be the best player in New Zealand. Will you be there??

This year the North Island and the South Island will hold seperate finals.

How do you qualify? Every regional final will contribute qualifiers, as well as the top 200 over the country for the course of the entire year.


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